Friday, February 3, 2017

Passengers....a piece of cinematic genius

First of all, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence together in a movie makes it a definite must see just because of these 2 brilliant performers. How can you not? 
The movie Passengers is about a spaceship taking people to a new colony because the Earth is overpopulated and far too expensive to live on. Chris Pratt wakes up out of an induced state of hibernation to a huge, empty, spaceship and he is alone. As the story goes on you see this character devolve into a totally different almost feral human being. His only friend is Arthur, a bartending android. 
Enter Jennifer Lawrence, who is Chris Pratt's dream girl. These two performers did such an amazing job with coping to life in space and waking up too soon to ever be able to get where they were going. I loved the winding, beautiful, and well written story line of this movie. Watching the two character's relationships build and become closer really warmed my heart. The humor between the two characters and of course their relationship with the android really added to the plot. Jennifer and Chris' comedic timing was spot on and really is one of the reasons I loved this movie so much. 
The effects in this movie are incredible. What they did with the water in the pool scene was amazing and so interesting to watch. It was a stroke of genius doing what they did, (I can't spoil it). 
This film is a brilliant piece of Sci Fy, and high on my list of favorite movies. With the amazing cast, crew, writers, effects people, and world builders it's a total A+. 

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