Monday, December 5, 2011

Review Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I

Everyone who knows me knows I am a die hard Twi hard Twilight fan. With the release of the new film in the series Breaking Dawn it seems that the franchise is taking quite a different direction in preparation for the final film. I found the character development to be awesome in this film with Bella and Edward having their first bona fide fight of their married life but in this fight she can't go home to mother. There were several key scenes missing in the film that would have brought some levity to the film and broken up some of the heavy undertones. The scenes were filmed according to Ashley Greene and we all hope they make it to the DVD. One of the funniest scenes was the wedding scene when the toasts were offered whether it be the toast by Alice saying that Bella is going to have to get over her aversion to fashion or Charlie's pseudo warning toast saying that he knows that Edward will be a good husband because he's a cop and he has a gun and knows how to track people to the ends of the earth. I like that they brought Irina to the wedding reception and her reaction to Seth and Billy which sets things up nicely for the next film.
The make up artists did an amazing job making Bella look emaciated and showing the toll the pregnancy took on her as well as the graphic and moving birth scene of Renesmee seeing Edward come up with blood on his mouth had a great shock factor for Twi fans. I also like how they handled Jacobs imprinting on Renesmee, the different scenes like he was floating on air and coming back to what he had said about imprinting. "Suddenly it's not gravity holding you to the Earth, it's her." Just wonderful.
I was curious as to where the film would leave off having read the book twice. I would have liked to see more however I understand that it was to be in the other film. Hopefully we get to see Bella's first "hunting" expedition. I'm also hoping Bella throwing the spiked heels back into the house and Alice catching them is in the second film. If not in the film then on the DVD for sure!

I give the film 4 stars and a thumbs up! I will definitely be buying the blu ray!