Saturday, June 22, 2013


We just came home from seeing Superman, I have to say I was VERY unimpressed with this movie. I will say that Henry Cavill as Clark Kent was a great choice as the humble hero. He is very likeable and accessible (although I thought he looked great with hair on his face) He had big shoes to fill and he did it in spades. Amy Adams was fabulous and had just the right amount of snark and piss and vinegar for Lois Lane, she did an amazing job and was probably my favorite character in the whole movie. She was an amazing Lois and complemented Cavill very well. Now for the bad part, the storyline had a lot of plot holes, not little ones either but gaping Grand Canyon sized holes. With recycled technology akin to Independence Day and War of the Worlds it had many of the same style of scenes as in those movies. Great Caesar's Ghost! Perry White you did not use this VERY IMPORTANT TAGLINE!  Shame on you! The person who made this movie has OBVIOUSLY never read or watched the original Superman movie. It was so bastardized and made me feel dirty for watching it. Call me a Superman purist and I would proudly agree. I give it 2 1/2 stars. Henry Cavill and Amy Adams however get 5 stars for their awesome work as Superman and Lois Lane.