Friday, May 24, 2013

Sushi Girl

Imagine you are a beautiful girl working in a sushi restaurant. Imagine you are laying on a table covered with sushi while gangsters around you are beating a man to death in slow intervals looking for the diamonds they lost in a heist. Now imagine you can't say a word. You would have the movie sushi girl. It is a great movie but NOT for the faint of heart. If you don't like violence or blood this is not the movie for you. I however loved it because I'm a gangster movie fan! Mark Hamill did a great job producing this movie however his acting was less than stellar but boy can that guy do evil genius! Out of 5 stars I give it a 3 because of the sweet twist at the end.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


This movie is flippin amazing. All of the creature creations are just incredible. I particularly liked the wind up man Karl Ruprecht Kroenen is excellently done and adds just the right amount of creepy to the already awesome and brooding Hellboy played by Ron Pearlman. (I love everything Pearlman does) Much of the movie is AH HA moments for some of those old wives tales that in the movie are VERY true. I liked the fact that the movie showed Hellboy had a soul by his endless supply of the pet cats he adores to the rooftop scene where he spies on Liz and John Myers with a little boy who shares his cookies with him. This movie in my book gets 5+++ star rating and is one of my all time favorites.

Iron Man 3

Being a huge comic fan I really enjoyed the movie Iron Man 3. We went to see it in 3D with my daughter and 2 sons and her friend. It was so full of funny moments from the king of snark Tony Stark. (Yes I know it rhymes). The effects were awesome and they took you on a thrill ride every moment of the movie. The dialogue and love story in the movie were exceptionally played by Downey and Paltrow. The evil fiend Killian and his counterpart The Mandarin are so well played by screen legend Ben Kingsley and new kid on the block Guy Pierce. The twists and turns of Iron Man 3 kept me on the edge of my seat. The variance from the original Marvel comic is refreshing and gives the story accessibility for all ages. The ending however with my knowledge of the second Avengers movie in 2015 left me cold however but still curious if Stark will be returning and appearing in that movie as well. All in all I give it 4 stars!