Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Shadowhunters Codex Cassandra Clare and Joshua Lewis

First off....the artwork....oh my gosh....there are various artworks in this book and they are all beautiful however what struck me is the artwork under the front cover and under the back cover it is so beautiful and you really see the two different storylines from the Infernal Devices and from the Mortal Instruments. 
The words are clear and concise and very different from Cassie's creative style, however it is supposed to be because this book was written by the Clave for the use of future Shadowhunters. So you can truly see the way the Clave looks at things and it really ties everything together. You see how they look at it and see things from the different series of books and things that happen and you go..."Oh I know what that is" (eg...Demon Pox nuff said). 
The little comments by Clary, Jace, and Simon are hilarious. Simon, I love his comedic remarks and Clary's answers. I personally love when she shows the book to Luke and takes notes. There's a point where Luke is mad and pacing around the room and I just rolled laughing because I understood the Clave's one mindedness and I agreed with Luke. He was taught all of this before he became a werewolf and now he's seeing how one minded the Clave is and he sees how ridiculous it is. 
It's a dry read but it's meant to be and it really is so descriptive and "in the world" of this incredible series. Cassandra Clare's writing is one of a kind and so beautiful and amazing and special. She's created this wonderfully frightening world of angels and demons and good and evil and the fine line that we all walk between the two. This is just an overall awesome read and I highly recommend it. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a classic in its own right

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them... It's not Harry Potter, however it is a classic in its own right. I loved the creature creations for this movie including of course those greedy goblins which I was so very happy to see in this film as well. Eddie Redmayne did such a wonderful job as Newt Scamander and his cast of creatures was breathtaking. They were all created differently and beautifully in their own right. His deep connection and understanding of the creatures was so well done by Redmayne who seemed to be a little Autistic with his lack of eye contact most of the time while talking, which if it was done on purpose, I love it. It gives the character even more depth and beauty. The other wizards were amazing, I think my favorite was Queenie Goldstein she was so endearing and such a wonderfully played character. She had a lot of heart and that endeared her to the audience even more.
It was cool to see the differences between the American and British Ministries of Magic and the difference in terminologies between the two countries. All in all this movie gets 5 enthusiastic stars from me. The continuity was incredible and I highly recommend it.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge is an amazing movie. Sarah and I went to see it this afternoon and it was really true to life. I became wrapped in the storyline right from the beginning and the fact that this is a true story had me amazed at the happenings. They were very careful about making everything look authentic right down to the buttons on the uniforms. This is the story of a true hero, and I don't want to spoil it for you. Let me say that Desmond Doss is probably one of the most unsung brave heroes I've ever read about the things he did during the war are incredible.

This man with strong faith was braver than anyone can imagine. You must see this movie it was excellent!