Saturday, May 6, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2

Guardians of the Galaxy part 2 is bigger better and funnier than the first one (which is saying a lot because I adored the first one.)

Baby Groot is so cute, ok yes it rhymes. I had to say that first before getting in depth with this review. All of the characters were expanded upon in this movie, giving us a much wanted glimpse into who they were and where they came from. It was totally well played into the movie and woven into the fibers of the storyline with mastery only the Marvel company can muster.

Even the opening sequence featured a fairy logo that was uber cool right before the movie began. That set the tone for awesomeness to ensue, and from start to finish the effects, world building, creature creation, and action sequences were  spectacular. I especially liked the makeup they did for Nina Dobrev.

Many of you know Nina from playing Elena in Vampire Diaries, this is an all new BADASS Nina that is far and away from the girl she played in Vampire Diaries and this role suits her well. Not only does it suit her well she plays it with such a sarcastic elegance that you want to see more of.

Everyone gets a hero moment in their own way and I love that about the Marvel films, they are very good about giving these awesome characters their due along with pieces of their stories.

I could go on and on about this movie, but I don't want to spoil it for you. I can tell you GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW! You'll be glad you did!

A Dog's Purpose....very moving and very beautiful

I just finished A Dog's Purpose. If you have a dog or any kind of pet this movie will move you to tears guaranteed. Every animal has a purpose, and a soul. They have a heart and they can love. The story of one dog and his many lives (well sometimes he's a she and he's not sure what to think of that)  is heroic, touching, amazing, and beautiful. There were a great many issues with this movie however at the heart of it all they have given us a story for all ages that can be enjoyed alone or as a family. 
**spoiler alert here*** I liked that they featured a police dog as one of the lives the dog lives. So many people do not truly understand how hard their jobs are or how heroic these creatures truly are, or how truly special they are and loved both on and off patrol.  (ok down off the soapbox) 

The writing and the characters in this movie were so well played and well written with incredible depth. All of them have different spirits, some loving, some....well not so much. It also brings to light animal neglect and abuse as a part of the movie. All in all it carried a great message and  I truly loved this film and I will definitely be reading the book.

I think there will be many dogs named Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey in the coming years *grins*