Saturday, October 29, 2016


This movie is incredible, I can totally see an underground game going on like this. It truly could be considered a cautionary tale in my book. The game of Nerve as described in the movie is truth or dare without the truth. People run around doing dares for cash driven by people hiding behind a keyboard. In real life people are very brave behind a keyboard but if you call them out they back down. It is very similar in this movie. With plot twists a plenty it will definitely test your nerve and put you on the edge of your seats for this action packed ride. This is for a more mature audience and definitely needs the parental, just because they do it in the movies doesn't mean that you should try it in real life. 

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

I have to admit I was skeptical going into the movie because the book was very slow moving for my tastes and I did not finish it. So when my daughter said she'd treat me to see it, I said yes just to see how the movie was compared to the book. I was very pleased with this movie, it was definitely faster than the writing in the book which dragged you along very slowly. The characters from the book really came to life and I especially loved Miss Peregrine she was so well played by Eva Green. She really brought that character to life in so many awesome ways I can't begin to count them. The makeup and the set designs were incredible and the power creation effects were very well done. All in all I would definitely add this amazing movie to my collection when it is available. I thumbs up for give this movie an enthusiastic thumbs up for all ages.