Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Review of Selma,
I watched this movie last night, while it was slow moving it was very interesting. It really covered a lot of the civil rights movement. My 12 year old daughter was particularly interested in the movie and she kept saying. We studied that in school! 
While I didn't know many of the names of the actors in the film I liked the man who played MLK. He really played the character from the heart. Coretta was fabulous as well.
All in all this movie came from the heart and it was great seeing the two sides and how different the approaches were to the civil disobedience that was going on. 
As I was writing this my daughter came and looked at what I was typing and said, I love Selma. That's a really good testament for this movie. The real footage shown at the end of the movie of the marchers was touching and my daughter kept commenting on how the group kept growing. It's a really great movie, a bit slow moving, but super interesting.