Friday, December 30, 2016

Jem and The Holograms

Ok, so if you're like any 80's kid you watched Jem on Saturday morning with your cocoa puffs....or in my case my rice krispies. If you walk into this movie thinking that it's going to be a remake of the Saturday morning cartoon then you probably shouldn't watch this movie. If you are like the 9 billion of us that loved movies like Juneau, Saved!, and so many other quirky coming of age movies, then you're going to love Jem and The Holograms. This movie is a far cry from the Saturday morning cartoon in many wonderful ways. It's about Jem and her sisters of course, and their true and beautiful bond of love and friendship that only sisters can have. It's about finding yourself and helping others do the same. I left that movie feeling inspired and with a smile on my face. I give it a four out of five for the only purpose that I wish there was more. I was totally into watching this movie after it flopped at the box office, and I can't understand why. It's got a great feel to it and it's just a light fun movie to watch. 

Sully....What can I say? This movie is inspiring, no that's not a good word for it. that's not it. There are no words to describe this movie. The whole event was a miracle in itself and it was at the hands of the two men piloting that plane. I was astounded at all that happened, how just by happenstance those people were on that plain, and how incredible their stories were and how everyone made it. I was so moved by the response by the ferries in the water and the coast guard. This movie really is a movie about the indomitable human spirit. The only complaint I had, too short it could have gone so much further. The writing and acting was amazing and Hanks and Eckhardt did a great job of telling the story of these two incredible men. This movie cannot be reviewed on the acting abilities of one actor, not even by two actors, it's a great ensemble piece.  My favorite part was seeing the real people at the end it was so awesome. Highly recommended.