Friday, December 30, 2016

Sully....What can I say? This movie is inspiring, no that's not a good word for it. that's not it. There are no words to describe this movie. The whole event was a miracle in itself and it was at the hands of the two men piloting that plane. I was astounded at all that happened, how just by happenstance those people were on that plain, and how incredible their stories were and how everyone made it. I was so moved by the response by the ferries in the water and the coast guard. This movie really is a movie about the indomitable human spirit. The only complaint I had, too short it could have gone so much further. The writing and acting was amazing and Hanks and Eckhardt did a great job of telling the story of these two incredible men. This movie cannot be reviewed on the acting abilities of one actor, not even by two actors, it's a great ensemble piece.  My favorite part was seeing the real people at the end it was so awesome. Highly recommended. 

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